Basketball: Basketball is a list of 12 people selected by the Yannakis

tomorrow (August 15) afternoon, the Chinese Basketball Association Basketball Association Organization Committee of the Executive Committee were old held a seminar for the Asian Championships, the Chinese mens basketball interrogation vein Cheap Nike Blazers Print. Chinese Basketball Association said that you can go to such a good coach is not easy, so about Yang Nargis also very supportive of coaching, including 12 Chinese mens basketball squad The Championships are also chosen by Yannakis, China Basketball just for Yannakis provide an alternative list of more than 30 people.

Chinese Basketball Associations executive committee were associated with guidance and, on the relationship Basketball Championships victory of reason, the national team and the league, the league change, reserve personnel, such as how to foster achievement stopped discussion. We all thought, the Chinese mens basketball victory for the Chinese Basketball is a wake-up call, but also an opportunity, the most important thing is to identify achievements, targeted for an early return to Asia summit cheap Nike Blazers Leather. After all, the Chinese Basketball Association and the community who care for Chinese basketball, basketball hope that China can get better.

as the new coach of Chinese mens basketball team, Yannakis in Manila after the defeat on the cusp of becoming a character, there are a lot of fans and the media began to suspect the Greek marshals coaching ability, but at the symposium Chinese basket Association Quedui Yannakis talent to give a full recognition. Chinese mens basketball team leader Zhang Xiong said: "Yannakis talent should be no doubt, as a European marshal, had lost his ability to verify. Basketball chose Yannakis such marshal, it is hoped that he could help Chinese mens basketball team is improved. "

summarize the current national team players and coaches task group has been completed, the next phase of the Chinese Basketball Association will convene Coaches Committee, the panel discussions and other stops. In tomorrows wrap-up meeting, the local media for false reports and facts, the Executive Committee also recommended that the CBA should automatically sound, clearance rumor.

Zhejiang womens basketball team officially announced the coaching change, Li Xin Zheng Wu succeed

Beijing time on August 16, issued a statement Zhejiang Chouzhou womens basketball, announced outside the country is currently China Youth Basketball coach Li Xin Zheng Wu took over as the teams new head coach cheap Blazers Print Women. The above is a text of the statement:

WCBA league last season, finished this, I club team stopped a seasons performance carefully summarize the pros and cons, and on the new season womens basketball coach chouzhou bank stopped candidate scores careful thinking, has several international foreign coach candidates stopped comparative analysis. In the end, I am currently the Chinese nation club resolution to appoint Youth Basketball coach Li Xin Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank womens basketball coach, led the team to prepare for the new season WCBA League, former head coach Zheng Wu ceased to be head coach duties.

we thought, Li Xin, pointing at the international coaching for many years, has coached the CBA team, NBL teams and WCBA team, coaching experience rich, but the situation on the international league and my team are very familiar with cheap Blazers Lovers Women. After a period of time of contact, I Li Xin club coaching philosophy, experience, in order to acknowledge all aspects, while Li Xin also recognized the sincerity of my club and coaching environment. Currently I have the club and Li Xin as the Leafs bank on womens basketball head coach to reach a consensus and signed a contract related tasks.

us confidence, Li Xin is bound to bring new changes to the team and lead our police team full of apathy invention WCBA league success in the new season, the race for the vast contribution of Zhejiang fans even more exciting.

Notice is hereby


Zhejiang Chouzhou Professional Basketball Club

Meng Xiangyu: McKee taught me a lot lower pace

Chinese player Meng Xiangyu Mackey recently in conjunction with the Nuggets training center, so he just sent a tweet to thank McKee.

Meng Xiang Yu on Twitter said: "and Javier - McKee-one training with great effect, he taught me a lot lower pace. "

Prior to this, Mackey also said on Twitter Meng Xiang Yu will be the next Yao Ming nike blazer canvas low.

1995 Meng Xiang Yu born in the United States in 2011 hours, after which he studied in Bradenton, Florida, IMG ACADEMIES City High School, and here bear special training nike blazer canvas mid.

Xinhua News Agency reporters: Asian Championships responsibility in the management fiasco

Chinese Basketball Association on Chinese Basketball Championships defeat summary still stop them. Tomorrow (August 15) afternoon, the Basketball Association Committee on the executive committee convened old who stopped the forum, representatives of the media, please Basketball pulse times and made my views. Xinhua News Agency said the primary responsibility of the secondary reporter Liang Xi meter fiasco is that the management of minor basketball, secondary liability is not Yannakis body nike blazer low sale.

primary Xinhua News Agency reporters, famous basketball commentator Liang Xi instrument also participated in the meeting, he also made this victory to my opinion. He thought that this expedition Championships should be accountability, the responsibility lies minor minor basketball management, where there are two biggest achievement, one positioned too high, the second is the lack of preparation nike blazer high uk. "Before we positioned too high for some basketball. Now it seems, this must be the Chinese mens basketball strength under Iran, and South Korea almost, slightly ahead of Chinese Taipei, but even against Jordan, Qatar and other teams, the advantages are not as big. The results showed mental balance in the contest, and misregistration have a great relationship. "Also in the preparatory process, there are a lot of lack of place," like a lot of warm-up match, but the quality is not high, pertinence, played with almost no play. Xuanshuai process is also very hastily led effort compared to short. "

outside the fate of most concern Yannakis score, but not much on the forum mentioned. Liang Xi instrument, said: "We all feel victorious with his account can not all be considered secondary responsibility is not Young handsome body. "But Liang Xi instrument also believes that the Asian Championships, Yannakis did not exhibit extraordinary talent, CBA should science teacher, and should be given more time to coach some other place," compared to the previous In our own coaches more mature, many have some talent. "

about players factional struggles exist, or do not contribute to the Games knock questioned, Liang Xi Miriam said there was no sufficient evidence to support this argument. People "look down from the appearance, a team from the national team indeed ones, and the second, third and fourth no one was elected, in fact, there are still a few teams to have a national team player. As contradictory, do not quite come out. The whole team is playing according to the coach. Lose this opportunity on behalf of the country, who do not want to lay a little I did not see what the players want to play. "

on how to assist Basketball League results and progress in meeting become a hot spot. Representatives that excessive use of foreign aid, the other place the player to carry out austerity space is an important reason to incur the national team lean. Liang Xi instrument have also not agree, "to carry out the league the past few years is worth a certain, one important sign is entering more and more fans. The purpose of the national team and the league itself is different, there are obligations on behalf of the kingdom of the national team, and the league will have to attract more people to participate, to give pleasure. I do not think the two foreign aid policies affecting the cultivation of international players, Bayi no outside it, and bred a few Big Zhi This argument does not seem true. "

Yannakis home leave, after the reunification discuss collaboration results

Recently, the Chinese mens basketball team in the opening summary will continue to identify the real reason the team was defeated in Manila. After completion of the coaching staff meetings, coach Yannakis will be returning tomorrow morning, according to the contract rules, Yang Shuai after home leave, he will travel to China continue to discuss collaboration with the team score nike blazer high women.

summarizing the meeting, the Chinese Basketball Championships 12 on the final list of results, CBA guide to understand, said: "These 12 people are finalized by the Yang Shuai, it does not exist Basketball Association players cram , head coach of the hands of the right resolution. "

In addition, with regard to control of the team coach Yannakis not say, Chinese mens basketball team leader gave a strong denial. In summing up the failure of the same origin midnight, the Chinese Basketball Association will be the responsibility I go to him, thinking out of the results can not blame foreign coaches nike blazer mid uk.

Fujian team Asian foreign aid candidates include Bahrami

new mens basketball coach Gui Zhang Fujian

After reading the Iranian team competition phase of the Iranian players Bahrami and want Bahrami as foreign aid in Asia to join the team. In this regard, "Jinjiang Economic News" reporter also call the deputy general manager Wu Bolan Fujian team, hoping to prove this audiocheap nike blazers sale. According Wu Bai Lan said that in Asia outside Fujian teams list of candidates, which ranked Bahrami indeed, but because of its contract with Iran team still in the body, thus also demand talks.

Wu Bolan said: "The candidates also includes him. But Bahrami in Iran, there was agreement in the body, can also talk to China. "

Wu Bolan leakage current club for the new season signings have two options, one being the "Asian American striker defender +" another set of "Asian American guard + forward." Wu Bolan also leak current club more inclined to "guard + Asian American striker" This program has been in finding candidates, have to wait for the club level resolution nike blazers high sale.

Wu Bolan said: "There is still a detailed discussion of the details, so a detailed introduction of the candidates can not leak outside. Before the end of this month, foreign aid will be finalized. Please be patient fans. "

Bahrami in the Asian Championships he averaged 12.8 points and 3.2 rebounds and scored 4.2 assists, successfully assisting Iran won the gold medal.

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Asian Nets: McGrady is able to return CBA

Beijing time on August 26, McGrady announced the official service from the NBA, but we may also see the superstar play in the CBA arena. Asian basketball net that McGrady back of CBA can be very large, in the eyes of millions of fans, he is a champion.

Asian Basketball Network, said: "McGrady back of CBA can be very large, either as a player or in any other capacity Cheap Nike Blazers Print. Minor because he summoned force in China is very difficult compared to the others, although McGrady did not get a championship, a season in Qingdao performance is only achieved the first one, but in the eyes of millions of his fans is a champion. "

last season had just finished the audio that has at most two teams have been very grateful for the interest McGrady, many team boss fancy McGradys influence, hoping to join the expansion team after McGrady impact force cheap Nike Blazers Leather.

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Peoples Daily: keep order in advance flaws, the respected investor

CBA intervals beginning of a new season now less than three months, a new member who is still difficult to determine. While advancing teams will take place in Jiangsu and Sichuan golden strong Tongxi two clubs, but the detailed access rules to the lag has become active and publish the criticism, the evaluation found that "not enough detail" brings The new results, let the consequences of this cast a shadow in the win cheap Blazers Print Women.

stalled after five years, CBA (Chinese Womens Basketball League) finally decided to disarmament, the new season CBA team will reach 18. Last month, the Chinese Basketball Association released the NBL (National Womens Basketball League) club requesting access methods involved in the CBA, in order to snatch a promotion places, NBL teams competing this season unrepeatable intense. Today, closing NBL season, Sichuan and Jiangsu Tong Xi Jin Qiang won the first two, the Chinese Basketball Association to access the evaluation of the two clubs have completed before cheap Blazers Lovers Women. However, the evaluation of all the controversy surrounding the entry has not yet stopped.

disarmament and other CBA for many years, the two clubs full of a stroke

2008, Tianjin and Qingdao, the two clubs after admission evaluation into CBA, CBA continued thereafter did not absorb new members. Beforehand, NBL aims to become a "parallel conduct and the CBA league," but in practice, NBL mass influence and market acceptance level is far better than CBA, whose members are from the original composition of a B and B team, Although various attempts have stopped, but it is still difficult to obtain good results. Over five years, to carry out a good momentum of the CBA, NBL then fall into a loss, during which the club due to not see the future as well as the choice to join.


CBA last season finished, increasingly fierce cries finally become the ideal of disarmament, the Chinese Basketball Association announced that it will go through evaluation and selection of a NBL club into the new season CBA. About those struggling to adhere to the NBL team, the audio is undoubtedly a shot in the arm, also including Tongxi, gold, long Sha Bai Ning other clubs to increase investment, the direct cause of a stroke effort.

had requested to participate in the new season CBA league NBL club has three, before sending the evaluation team, the lack of long Sha Bai Ning inductance competitive Chinese Basketball Association to keep the request, so they become stronger, Sichuan and Jiangsu Tongxi two gold dispute. Jiangsu Tong Xi Group 10 years ago, it was the title of Jiangsu Nangang club funding providers, in 2007 I set up the resolution Club and won the NBL championship in 2010 and two 2011 season, third place 2012 season. Jiangsu Tong Xi Chen Guangchuan that club chairman, to be on the qualifications and capabilities to participate in the CBA, Tongxi clubs conditions "have convincing", all these years of nurturing my players a lot of effort. Sichuan Golden Power Group and Sichuan team also funded the original relationship, in 2008, Sichuan Jin Qiang Group Chairman Zhou Shiqiang resolution formally established professional clubs to participate in NBL league. Get the 2011 season fourth, seventh 2012 season, this season increased investment, the first win, but also for the evaluation of added scores.

stood before the threshold of CBA, the two clubs themselves have enough hope, passion and strength.

given contest rules after the first hit, the order cited flaws question

previous years in order to grab CBA promotion places, the venue OTC Tongxi, gold strong teams competition is intense. Due to the existing one, Jiangsu CBA team, in order to conform to the evaluation principles and prevent the same province stacking, Jiangsu Tongxi home this season deliberately moved from Nanjing to Hefei. The western Xinjiang team is currently the only one in the CBA, geographic carry very uneven, Sichuan Jin Qiang added confidence. Zhou Shiqiang stressed the strong mens basketball gold full impact of CBA, the purpose is "to show Sichuan, leading the West." He said the club to build a strong base for gold in excellent condition, ranked first in the nation. The clubs youth team won the National Games last year on behalf of the youth group in Sichuan ninth, also stated that the establishment of a good back-up team.

Although announced

audio disarmament, but related evaluation principles still could not be introduced. From the perspective of the Chinese Basketball Association, the number of the principles of the draft, the Committee discussed several times in the league, and to solicit the views of the NBL club, is to "objective and fair." But the principle until July 10 was released in advance NBL finals ever hit, hit and then set the rules of competition already exists in practice sequence flaws.

rule late Chen Guangchuan stop flogging this, that there are "suspected of using the results of sets of rules." Because some of the principles in terms of, for example, standardized training base score, results, and other youth team, is considered tendentious, strong favorable for gold. Tongxi also commended to the Basketball Association of the nature of the land of gold and other strong club training base raised objections raised new achievements, again delaying the evaluation of the consequences of the release time, as before, "repeated amendments" principle, the not so delicate terms.

Zhou Shi Jiang when subjected to an interview that year invested nearly 100 million yuan building a strong gold base when, CBA disarmament has no audio, the group is entirely to do these things from the perspective of long carry, now out of the controversy, he felt " very sad, "Right now the choice is" not speak up. "

When a reporter asked if last year did not make the CBA, can still sticking to the basketball club Zhou Shiqiang answer is certain, Chen Guangchuan groups have also expressed the hope that continued to stay here, "but the group has not agree to see. "

league how "occupation" from respected investors start

about Chinese basketball, the enthusiasm and the legitimate interests of investors lost all deserve respect and be maintained, because it is important to provide them with the resources and the power to carry out Chinas basketball. But the ideal is to develop "rules of the game" let the people involved feel injuries, CBA disarmament this is a bad thing, but access to the evaluation process to complicate the matter, the Chinese Basketball Association deserves reflection.

Body Division Director Sports Social science research center

State Sports General Administration Bao Mingxiao think deserve early access rules to determine and publish, ability to ensure fairness and guiding force, which is the professional league "professional" performance. Competition is the emergence of products to the masses, and the relevant resolutions of the system established the mass production, which also requires the league deserve to run by a professional team. Today, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center Basketball Competition Department less than 10 organizations, including the operation to serve the country, including the leagues basketball tournament, struggling to cope. Keep up the establishment of related systems, central position in the basketball league in the natural impossible to carry out strategic performance.

General Manager

Beijing sports consulting firm key way that Zhang announced their access rules in relation to "the rules say." It is because of competition rules in the front, causing some unnecessary disputes. "League is the club and the Chinese Basketball Association to do together, there must be a win-win game. There are various clubs participating in the league committee deserve to have more right to speak, it is also aggravated makers (Chinese Basketball Association) pressure. "

As for how this knot

now open solution, Zhang said, should give NBL team provides a blueprint that can be done, "why do we qualify for this special value, because the division did not say anything before l do not know what the next hours there. If a road map to have carried out, step by step, to everyone benefits. "

Tongxi and gold strengthening the non-feud, reporters interview was more a sense of both clubs like basketball and dedication. Regardless of whether the next season, CBA, Tongxi and gold strong in fact not a loser. And if they feel neglected to pay and ultimately compromised is to conduct environmental and public abstract Chinese basketball.

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Talk about the difference between Chinese and American sports, Yao Ming: Sports should be a civilized

Recently, Yao Ming guest withstand a television interview talk some differences between Chinese and American sports sports. He admitted that the work in this decade about American life to his deepest feelings in the United States is more of a sports culture, while China is more inclined to sports championship doctrine.

Dayao said: "The United States is a civilized sport, Chinese sports tend Stakes attention nike blazer canvas low. Schools in the United States, the sport is a quality education, more of a game. Playing basketball schools in the United States is a civilized existence, and not you so and so who wants to be playing basketball. "

recent years, continuous efforts in Dayao compassionate activities, including Yao Foundation mercy basketball, Yao Foundation Hope Primary School basketball, he hopes through my efforts to promote Chinese basketball to carry out, to help some of the poorest areas of the child, so They can also feel the basketball fun nike blazer canvas mid.

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McGrady talks with a southern team Tianjin: not us

(Yahoo! Sports Reporter Wang Wei) after McGrady and the South team came quite an enjoyable audio chat, Xinjiang basketball first expressed their intention to sign Yao Mai Di . Subsequently, the reporter called ESPN basketball boss Zhang Run from Tianjin, Zhang said the team did not unusual aspects and McGrady talks nike blazer low sale.

Earlier, the media broke the news that his former club Qingdao Madison to 200 million dollars out of the renewal of the terms, but the price is far beyond the acceptable range Qingdao team, which has been terminated Qingdao aspects and Tracy McGradys contract Talks.

last season, Tianjin team to 10 wins and 22 negative ranked second to last, and last first, it is located in Qingdao McGrady basketball, record of 8 wins and 24 losses, is described as a pair of fellow sufferers.

worth mentioning is that in a few CBA teams in southern Xinjiang and Tianjin, has been denied contact with McGrady, and Shandong and Jeter had reached an agreement, the Beijing team in the backcourt by Marbury sits, Shanxi male basket and Marcus - Williams still one-year contract, then the rest is just, Liaoning and Jilin, two teams nike blazer high uk.

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Turin is temporarily not in service, there is interest on the CBA

veteran Kenyon - Turin as usual is currently a free agent, as far as he himself says he does not think the current temporary service.

"I have to play in previous years," Dooling said Monday during field work bear a telephone interview, "I have made this resolution in previous years will not serve, I will play. "

free initial market opening in previous years, the Magic have expressed interest sense Turin, Turin, but the division has not expressed himself ready to join the Magic nike blazer high women.

"I thought that the division would attack free market is changing, I think there is a better opportunity to win," Dooling said, "Since the current free market opening, to now, a lot of things attack changes. "

thinking to himself, and an NBA team can not determine the sign, Turin also began to think about going home and play, and there can be a Chinese league.

Doolin said of himself and his agent for the new season to join the Chinese league open-minded nike blazer mid uk.

"We have in the harvest, but for now, I want to play in the NBA," Dooling said, "unless it is a high quality may offer good condition, otherwise you certainly not want to go international road. "

about Turin, his potential opponents, including some of the rookies, as some NBA teams will be more willing to pay a lower pressure in the chip rookie body. The Turin I said, he has his strengths, his confidence his experience can help to bring a lot of teams, especially those who are elderly compared to multi-player teams.

"Even some old and have imbued talented team, but also someone will show them how hard the task is, what kind of professional attitude. But if you are in a team are all old, how do you let them know this league is Zeyang Perhaps we do caliber success "Doolin said.

come this season, Turin played a total of seven games in the NBA competition, performance in Memphis, he averaged 11.7 minutes played, contributing 4.4 points 1.1 assists during the playoffs, he played just 8.1 minutes, dedication to 1.9 points.

career so far, 33-year-old played a total of 728 games in Turin NBA contests, averaging 19.4 minutes played, contributing 7 points 2.2 assists.

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Shandong team determined not to renew with Frohman

Recently, the reporter learned from the Shandong team to understand the teams contract with Jeter had no suspense, and in the name of another candidate outside aid, the club will not renew the Frohman.

as Lebanese naturalized players, Frohman had three seasons performance in CBA, has removed in Dongguan, Jiangsu and Shandong. Frohman last season by virtue of all-round performance to help the Shandong team historic NBA Finals, the team played a total of 42 times, averaging 10cheap nike blazers sale.4 points and dedication within 29 minutes, 9.1 rebounds, 3.2 assists, two steals and 1.5 note blocks nike blazers high sale.

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